Project – Masesselin

Customer overview

Article management


Specify articles available for a specific date

I added the average of all sales and the sold weight of the previous sale to help the user decide how much of the product will be available this time. Also added an import button that imports the availability values of the previous sale to prevent repetitive actions.

Order form (customer view)

I show only the relevant information to the client in a (I hope) comprehensive way. The last row is important since it gives the customer an immediate feedback after he clicked something. It is a confirmation that he didn’t do something wrong


If customers make a mistake (for e.g. want to order too much) there is a message guiding them about why their input could not be accepted showing the example with their inputs. It is important that the customer understands the error.

Processing order

Ordered articles

After the customer ordered, the admin can see the ordered articles.

Optimized view for the admin

But the meat is cut and packed in the slaughterhouse. At that time the individual orders are not so important, they can be put together later. While packing the meat it’s way more useful to see directly which pieces, the weight and the amount of articles in one package ordered. It is sorted so every meat can be done after the other.


Find right client

Now while selling the customer comes and the seller only has to search the client (in the huge search field) then click on the scan button. Results are filtered after every keypress.

Scan articles

Articles can now be scanned and instead of displaying the max amount of barcode text inputs only a few are and while scanning, other ones appear until reaching the maximum of 21

Bill creation

After clicking on create bill and print, the invoice appears in a printable format which will be printed and handed to the customer. This is opened in a new tab so after the printing only the tab has to be closed and on the other tab the site automatically redirected to customer overview ready for the next clients.


Bill overview

After the sale the invoices can be managed in the overview. The invoice can also be sent as an email where a PDF is created and attached to the mail with an automatically written text.